Our production is equipped with trendy sewing machines and equipment, thanks to which our highly qualified sewing operators and engineering-technical workers produce modern and high-quality clothes.
We produce waterproof clothes where all the threads of the clothes are subjected to a heat-treating with a waterproof ribbon. We have Gore-Tex certificate for the production of such clothes.
We use laser cutting technology to get more precise lines for cutting /modeling small details.
The automated computerized design system (system of automated cutting) has been introduced in the shaping workshop.
The workshops are equipped with trendy automated sewing machines.
We always replenish our production with new equipment. Over the past year, we have acquired more than 600 modern, automated sewing machines and equipment.
The surface areas of the production premises of our production unit are over 30,000 square meters.
The surface areas of the warehouse buildings are more than 5,000 sq. meters.
Each year we add the number of production premises as well as the number of employees, with the goal of producing more products and attracting new customers.